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Kingston Running Training Groups

As well as helping to run this website, we run a large and successful training group at

Kingsmeadow Athletics Track, Kingston-Upon-Thames, London.

We currently have a team of three coaches, coaching a successful group of athletes there on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Currently, there is space in the group for more people to join if you would like to.

If you like the content of the site and feel that some of the co-authors could have something to offer you as your coach, please feel free to get in touch and come and train with us.

There are currently people in the group off all standards from complete beginner up to top national level, and training for all races from 100m up to the marathon.

Between us we have over dozens of years experience of athletics coaching and in that time we have helped 2 people to senior National finals, a European Junior Championships competitor, two English Schools Finalists, a Northern Junior Champion, a runner for the North, two Junior Welsh Internationals, a BUCS medallist and Cambridge Blue, and many more County Champions and competitors at the National Champs and English Schools Championships.

At the other end of the scale, it is equally gratifying to see beginners breaking Pbs and enjoying their running, and we have helped a large number of beginners of all ages right up into their 50s, 60s and in one case 70s.

Overall, the group is about enjoying our running, meeting new people and having athletes to train and compete with / against.

Coaching Team

Richard Holt

Is the lead coach at Kingston. He as been coaching for 15 years and was formally a 52.11 400m hurdler and National Finalist. He helps the more elite athletes in the group and currently boasts a number of the areas top performing athletes, including Molly Renfer, Tom Parry, Chris Hall and Humphrey Waddington.

Vanessa Hammett

Was also a top level 400m hurdler when she was younger and now heads up the development group at Kingston. Again the group has had its best year this year and is primarily aimed at bringing talented youngsters on to the next level with their athletics.

John Shepherd

John was an international long jumper in the 1985 before becoming both a leading Masters and athlete and coach. He is the editor or Ultrafit magazine and has written many books on coaching of all ages. He is also the coach to the 2013 European Junior Long Jump champion. With Momentum Sports he runs, with Pat Logan, our junior sprints squad, who are starting to achieve some great results across the board.

Nicky Atkins

Is an established Masters distance runner who has been competing for about a decade and coaching more recently. She has achieved notable success on the track and now helps a number of our longer distance runners to get the most from their running as well.

Richard Vassall

Another athlete turned coach, Richard ran under 3.50 for 1500m in his day and brings this experience to our novice juniors, who have progressed beyond the Kestrel Club at Kingston and Poly. His small and dedicated group show what can be achieved by application with an experienced coach in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Pablo Sisca

As a former top level international trampolinist and coach in that sport to some of the top performers in the UK, Pablo has turned his huge understanding of sport and coaching to athletics. He coaches in conjunction with John Shepherd, and between them they now have one of the top junior sprints groups in London.

All six of our coaches are UK:Athletics qualified at Level 2 or above and strive to achieve the most for all their athletes.

We believe we are good at what we do and do so as a career, so there is a charge ** (135/quarter or 420/year) to be in the group and receive coaching specifically aimed at meeting your goals.

Richard, John and Vanessa are a full-time coaches meaning we have a lot of time to research all the latest techniques and liase with you to hopefully ensure that your training is as good as it can be. All athletes training with us benefit from online training diaries (apart from the youngest members, who won't have a need for one), regular appraisals of how training is going and monthly technique sessions in addition to the 2-3 sessions a week at Kingsmeadow Athletics Track.

You are welcome to come along and train with us to try us out for a few sessions before committing.

So, why not come and try it out? Contact coaches@momentumsports.co.uk if this is something that you might be interested in.

** Elite Athletes (in or near the top 100 in their event in the UK) need not pay for coaching at all. You are welcome to join the group and also have the opportunity to join the Momentum Sports Academy. This is because we are always striving to improve the standard of athletics in the area. (These athletes will be asked for a much smaller fee to contribute towards the cost of the use of the track.



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