Testing your Acceleration

The purpose of this test is to discover if you can accelerate well.

We would suggest you do this in conjunction with the maximum speed test as they are not too tiring and you will get an indication of how good your top speed is, as well as how well you get to that speed.

  1. Do 3 x 30m.
  2. Take the average of the 3 runs to get your result
  3. Take away the result of the flying 30s from the previous test.

Because you are working from a standing rather than flying start, you will find that taking one from the other gives you a positive results of around one second.

Some people simply use 30m runs as a test of both speed and acceleration, but it can be useful to split them and find out if you can get to speed quickly, or if your top speed is good whilst your accleration could be improved on.

Any results of less than 1.1 - 1.2 seconds for any athlete means that they are able to accelerate up to top speed well.