Racing Starts

Learning to start your race properly is clearly of primary importance to sprinters, where giving away a few tenths of a second to competitors could make all the difference.

However, it is also important to start well in longer races as well, ensuring that you get away from the start properly and settle in the correct position for you in the race.

There are starts here for all types of races. Please choose the one that interests you.

  1. Blocks and Crouch Starts for Sprinters - We have a number of videos to help with all aspects of this, from the simple standing start, to the intricacies of each component of a blocks start.
  2. Starting a relay leg - changeover - Track relay changeovers can make or break a race - here's what you need to look out for.
  3. Starting a middle/long distance track race - Setting up the rhythm of a race at the start can be very important, no matter if you like to front run or come from the back.
  4. Starting a race with many competitors - There's always a lot going on at the start of big races, find out what you should look out for.

Here is a brief explanation of some of ways to start a race.

Video How to Start - Introduction. Standing, Crouch, 3-point and Blocks - all you need to know.

There are also lots of other considerations to be borne in mind to get the most for your training - here are some of them in terms of the running (we look at nutrition, strength, psychology etc elsewhere).

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