Running Sessions

It will come as no great surprise that the running session is going to be the core part of most training sessions that an athlete does.

The variations that can be done are enormous and it is difficult to fully do them justice in this section, but we'll try!

However, here are a few of the different types of running session and definitions for training that can be done. Click on the list of links in the section below these paragraphs to give yourself details of their formats and principal benefits.

These are not all mutually exclusive; it is quite possible that a session could be devised which encompasses two or maybe more of the types of training set out below. An example for sprinters may be a speed endurance session, running a series of interval repetitions over 150 metres, preceded by a number of 30-40 metre repetitions for sprint work.

For training sessions that are specifically designed with the individual in mind, we have developed our interactive Online Coaching facility, which can provide you with your own personalised interactive training put together by a team of professional coaches and athletes.

The following advice will be useful to anyone planning to do running training

Learn about the sport you take part in and if in doubt SEEK ADVICE

Err on the side of caution when setting sessions