Running Gear for Sprinters

Sprinting does not need much specialist gear but we would recommend a pair of spikes to help you run faster!

To race, you just need a vest, shorts and preferably, a pair of spikes. There is also the option to wear a sprint suit which is a closely fitted skin suit designed to be incredibly lightweight and streamlined.

For warming-up and down and general training sessions it is likely you will also need some warm clothing like a sweatshirt, jacket and tracksuit.

If you wish to, as you get better, a set of starting blocks can be very useful, both for practicing in training and also for racing, as you can often sprint better using equipment you are used to.

There are also numerous recovery tools available such as foam rollers, resistance bands and massage guns which you can use before or after sessions to help speed your recovery and manage any injuries.

Shoes and Spikes

Sprinters should have a good pair of trainers to use in the warm-up and down and also for any longer training runs or reps on the track.

However, most importantly, to help you run faster, a pair of sprint spikes is key.

Sprint spikes are far lighter than trainers. They have little or no support in the heel as they are designed to make you run on your forefoot to achieve the most efficient foot strike with every step. The spikes also give you a better grip on the track, enabling you to run fast regardless of the weather conditions. Most tracks will stipulate that the spikes must be 6mm or less so most sprint spikes come with a set of 6mm spikes.

Although, generally, you get what you pay for, it is certainly not necessary to spend a fortune on spikes. Many sprinters also prefer a tight fitting spike so you may wish to get a size smaller than usual. But, if possible, the best thing is to go and try a pair before you buy so you know what works for you. To some the idea of wearing spikes and no socks is appealing – however it also increases the likelihood of blisters – it is best to wear a pair of thin socks so your feet are protected.