Mobility & Strength Running Drills (incl. Plyometrics)

The drills on this page are designed to improve your mobility and strength. Some of them are known as plyometrics drills where the aim is to improve the elastic strength or power of the muscles concerned.

There are many variations that can be done of these, for now we have just included some of the most common ones - we will be adding more shortly.


Video Tiggers - Plyometric Calf exercise for Speed. Reactive calf explosiveness to reduce contact time.

Tiggers are a great way of training the stretch-shortening cycle of your achilles and calves. The idea is to do a big jump, followed by a small one, with the small one being as fast as possible.


Video Lunges

Lunges are a good example of a drill that performs the function of both improving mobility and improving strength. The aim here is to take large steps, lunging to get good distance and lowering your hips towards the floor (your back knees shouldn't touch it).

Try to ensure your lower leg on your front leg remains vertical during the lunge. A lunge performed well will stretch your quadriceps, hip flexor, gluts and hamstrings, whilst also strengthening these areas when you pull yourself up again to take the next steps. Hold the position at the bottom of each step for a second or so.


Video Bounding

Bounding is basically a powerful run, where you land flat-footed on each stride. You are aiming to get as high and far on each step as you can, which makes the action very similar to that used in the step phase of a triple jump. This is a plyometric exercises and as such will improve the elastic strength in your legs, particularly your quadriceps.

Because of the stress of the impact on landing, it is advisable to do this exercise on grass or matting.