Running Drill Examples

There are hundreds of running drills that can be done. We pick our favourites.

Included in subsequent pages are a number of drills which you can ty. As with the drill types page we have split these into the 3 categories. Hopefully this will allow you to pick drills to suit your needs and understand why you are doing them.

As with all types of exercises, some of these will perform more than one purpose. Those which involve an element of strength could also be included in the circuits section.

We like to think of drill falling into one of three principle categories: warm up drills, mobility and strength drills and event specific drills.

Remember when performing drills, as with most exercises, that it is important to work initially on the technique of the drill, before worrying about performing it at any speed.

Once you are comfortable with what you are meant to be doing then, for drills where it is appropriate, you can work on increasing the speed.