How our Coaching is Different

Your training will be set on an ongoing basis. So, we will look at every session you do and set future sessions depending on how you've managed.

There is an online diary, which you'll use to check sessions and complete your results.

We suggest you update this once a week and we'll then set the forthcoming week's sessions (usually within 24 hours). Also, if you have any queries, at any stage, you can e-mail us at at any time - or via the form within the diary system.

The diary contains all your training and racing and pictorial links to video clips to help you with your circuits / drills and weights to make sure you are training properly.

There is also a video analysis facility available (see other link), a substantial review facility to compare what you have achieved over a period of time and as much e-mail contact as you need. In addition to this we will arrange a 3 monthly conversation with a coach to and preview what you have done and will do. Overall, there is everything here to give you the support and assistance you require to improve your running,

It is important to stress here that, unlike many training programmes available, this is not just a pre-defined schedule that you will be set - it will be tailored to your progression on an ongoing basis.

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