Types of Circuit Training

There are a variety of different types of circuit training – doing a mix will help you get the best results.

There are many variations in the way in which circuit training can be performed. With experience, athletes and their coaches will find ways in which they feel that sessions can be improved upon to suit them best. At Momentum Sports we tend to primarily use three sorts of circuit training routines. They involve various levels of anaerobic and aerobic work and allow for a different focus. They also bring some variety to the sessions as training can become stale if it is too repetitive.

The three principle types of circuits session we use are - just click on any of them to get a fuller description. Most circuits sessions you'll see are derivatives of one of these.

  1. Normal Circuits and Timed Station Circuits
  2. Stage Circuits
  3. Total Exercise

When a circuits or weights session has been completed it is a good idea to go for a run (or some other kind of aerobic exercise). This may be hard work and therefore an extension to the workout, or just an extended warm down and then do static stretches afterwards.

This is useful as it allows muscles that have been worked hard to relax and return to their original condition, removing tightness formed by hard exercise by pumping blood throughout your body and in turn this may lead to less stiffness the next day.

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