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Choosing the Best Weight Training Equipment

Runners need to be strong. This is true no matter what distance you run, from sprints right up to long distance runners - Paula Radcliffe often lifts heavy weights during her training.

Choosing the right weight training to do, and therefore equipment to buy can be tricky. It will depend on exactly what you are looking to get from your weight training, but generally you'll be looking to increase both your strength and power.

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The most important piece of equipment you'll need for your weight training is a bar. There are many sorts, but the straight ones are the most useful. These come in two varieties, as standard bar (which is a solid piece of metal) and an Olympic bar which is in sections so that the central part moves independantly of the ends (making it easier to do such exercises as Cleans etc, as you don't need to twist the weights as well as lifting them).

As well as this some squat stands are useful - these sometimes come as part of a bench system, a product which is also worth having if you are going to do a lot of bench press. You may find that a stand alone padded bench is good as it is a versatile piece of equipment, which you may also use for step-ups etc.

Medicine balls are very useful for both improving your power and also to help with your core strength. They come in a variety of weights, generally from 1kg up to 5kg, we'd suggest you go for a 5kg one to avoid the need to purchase more in the future - there are few exercises that you'll want to do which you can't managed with 5kg, you'll just be able to do less distance.

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