Camera Info

Choosing the Best Video or Still Camera

Analysising the way in which we train is commonplace for almost every runner. We spend hours pouring over training schedules, old training diaries and books on training ideas. However, it is rare for runners to actually analyse the way in which they run.

We believe this is a shame and that there is the potential for lots of time to be knocked off the best performances of many runners if they would just look at the way in which they move.

To do this, we would suggest that you get a camera that is up to the task. To take stills photos is pretty simple, you'll just need a fairly quick shutter speed in order to get a decent image. However, it is probably more useful to get a moving image - either as a quick-fire series of stills or better still as a video.

There are lots of cameras on the market and we are not going to make a big deal at this stage about recommending any one camera over another.

However, if you are looking for a video camera it is useful to get one on the slightly more "old-fashioned" DV tapes - as this allows for slow-motion to be done far more impressively. Many of the newer hard-drive types cameras compress the data significantly as it is shot and therefore the images look blurred when played in slow motion.

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